Custom Closets

When you have a beautiful custom closet that maximizes space and meets your individual needs, getting dressed is not only stress-free – it’s a pleasure. Dressing decisions are seamlessly connected, allowing you to pull together fabulous new looks quickly and confidently. With designated storage for every item in your wardrobe, your new custom closet stays neat and organized.

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Custom Home Offices

Imagine walking into your new home office with a custom ergonomic layout and storage system designed just for you. There is order everywhere you look. Your files are tidy and organized. Every supply has a home. Your most-used references are within easy reach, and other materials are tucked neatly away.

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Custom Wall Units

Turn your living room, family room, basement, or den into an entertainment destination with a custom media center. Stunning and durable, our space-saving custom wall units are designed and built to suit your individual needs and personal style.

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Custom Wall Beds

A space-saving custom-designed wall bed from transFORM allows you to offer overnight guests a comfortable, welcoming place to sleep and relax in your home. Convenient, versatile, and charming, a custom folding wall bed completely transforms your living space. They are perfect for small studio apartments because they free up valuable floor space. When integrated with custom storage, they perform double-duty in a bedroom – allowing you a home office by day, and guest room by night.

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Custom Pantries

A well-designed reach-in or walk-in pantry can make you fall in love with your kitchen again (or for the first time). The tighter, more awkward your current kitchen layout, the more there is to love when your new custom pantry is installed. At transFORM, we are skilled at spotting underutilized square-footage in a space and transforming it into efficient, functional storage. We turn old closets, unused kitchen nooks, and poorly designed cupboards into modern, high-functioning pantries that make everything you do in the kitchen faster and easier.

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Custom Laundry Rooms

Every inch of your new custom laundry room is designed and built to meet your individual needs and style. Our talented designers work closely with you to ensure that the redesigned space functions as great as it looks, and that the entire process is smooth and stress-free.

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Custom Garages

Make good use of your garage with a workbench and efficient shelving. Organized garages with plenty of storage leave floor space available for your car. transFORM offers practical solutions and professional service to help you create a garage customized to the way you use it.

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Custom Sliding Doors

With transFORM, you can choose from a variety of glass finish options and aluminum door frame colors and styles. Our designers will work with you to create made-to-measure custom sliding doors or room divider for your space – whether your style is modern, contemporary, or transitional.

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