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Work with a design professional who will bring their space planning expertise and experience to your project.

Meet our designers. 

transFORM has over 25 designers on staff, near you, with night and weekend availability. Our designers are ready and happy to meet you for a free design consultation at your home or at one of our showrooms in Manhattan and New Rochelle. 

transFORM hires skilled designers with a proven design portfolio and professional training. Each incoming designer is screened, tested, and pre-qualified to ensure that they are prepared to produce the precise, high quality work that you desire for your home. Then, each designer goes through transFORM's comprehensive training program to familiarize them with all of the capabilities and options they can offer you.  We value experience and expertise and believe they are the hallmarks of a successful designer.

Many of transFORM's designers have been with the company for 5+ years. Our designers are friendly, collaborative, and dedicated to working with you to produce a solution for you that you will love. 




How are transFORM’s designers different?

  • Our designers have degrees in interior design or years of comparable experience in the design industry.
  • Our designers go through rigorous training in our product and process.
  • Our designers produce 3D renderings of their design concepts for our clients.
  • Our designers are directed by highly qualified veteran design managers.
  • Our designers are experts at space planning, and take into account every detail that will maximize your storage and the style of your home.
  • Our designers are experts at coming up with highly functional solutions for limited spaces and unique architectural features or obstructions.
  • Our designers are precise and accurate with their field measurements to ensure the finished project will have the best look and fit for your home.
  • Our designers are passionate about their work, attentive and focused on creating a great customer experience.
  • Our designers live and work in the community where you live and see many new projects each week. This means that, as your neighbor, they understand and have experience providing stylish design solutions for the problems that you face.
  • Our designers are friendly and courteous and aim to form an ongoing collaborative rapport with our clients. Our designers are dedicated to your full satisfaction with your project and your experience with transFORM


rozalia_2Rozalia Kiss - Senior Design Manager - Manhattan & Brooklyn 

Rozalia has been with transFORM for 10 years.  Having started with the company as a designer, she understands client needs and how to make sure that they are met.  Her vast experience designing our products and expansive knowledge of our capabilities and options uniquely equip her to lead our design team.
Rozalia has a Degree in Interior Design from Suffolk County Community College where she was a part of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest honor society founded in 1776.  After working with an architecture firm and as a product designer with another custom cabinetry company, she came to transFORM and has been enjoying the fulfilling work of creating beautiful custom storage spaces for our clients.

Rozalia on working in Manhattan, “I love the variety that comes with working in neighborhoods in Manhattan. It has diverse architecture, a modern European influence, and a multicultural population. I get to work with smaller, older apartments and get into the history of New York City.  The historical buildings have their own one-of-a-kind features that you can use to your advantage such as air ducts, factory style windows and old radiators. There are also these magnificent modern buildings with their own complexity.  In NYC, it’s hard to encounter the same situation twice”.

Rozalia spent 15 years as a competitive gymnast in her home city of Budapest, Hungary.  This experience heightened her sensitivity to movement, presence, balance and rhythm.  After that career came to a close, Rozalia wanted to do something creative and hands on that had energy and flow.  She found that, like gymnastics, interior design is it’s own language and she could express moods and feelings visually that could never be communicated the same way with words.

Rozalia on design and style, “I love taking a traditionally styled space with a formal look and giving it an update by mixing in modern lines and color.  In our design work, we encounter people who need to fit their modern style with their traditionally designed home.  Using our vast selection of colors and hardware and with a little imagination, we enjoy putting a contemporary twist in their home and smiles on their faces”.


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