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Check out the lifestyle and interior design press we've landed over the years - from national publications to magazine covers and beyond. transFORM is doing great things!

nyt.pngClosets as Big as Some Apartments

"To help finish the dressing rooms at 20 East End Avenue, the sales team has partnered with Transform, a custom storage company that buyers can hire to measure and prefabricate closet components for immediate installation upon closing, at the homeowner’s expense."








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November 14, 2012

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"We strive to be leaders in this industry -- and we're always utilizing new materials and new technology for our clientele. We're really motivated by driving that industry standard."


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"transFORM overcomes the space efficiency challenge with convertible and custom combinations of built-ins that meet the resident's specific needs and deliver more quality of life per square foot."


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"[transFORM's] traditional design is both timeless and efficient. Notice the variety of racks, rods and shelving to serve every possible closet purpose."


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"Designing a home office in a small space can be hard. These great ideas can help you to find the best design solution for your home office."


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"[transFORM's] deep and shallow cabinets come in the most appropriate shoe storing sizes and won't attract more attention than what is needed. You can make them look more understated by keeping their doors closed, or use it as open and decorative pieces for other types of items."


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"The Murphy bed, with its unpredictable spring mechanism, played a recurring role in slapstick comedy for years. A modern, improved iteration from transFORM is lightweight and designed to disappear completely into its surrounding custom cabinetry."


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"transFORM, a designer and manufacturer of custom storage solutions, hired Gavin Bromell as design manager, overseeing its Westchester and Fairfield County design team." 


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"Both individuals and the business exemplify service to the New Rochelle community. Andreas Messis, Co-Founder of transFORM accepted the [award] on behalf of his organization, along with Kara O'Neill, transFORM Gallery Director."


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"Naturally, our No. 1 home improvement tip would be to INVEST IN CUSTOM CABINETRY. Custom cabinetry maximizes your space by offering loads of clever storage solutions. Efficient storage can help establish order and hugely impact your daily living."


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"Since its opeing in 2009, transFORM Gallery has served two puposes. The 3,000-square-foot former industrial space is not only a showroom for transFORM's custom home-storage systems, but also an art gallery that hosts four exhibitions a year. Here, furnished model rooms provide the settings for the art." 




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"When your garage is fully organized, it makes it possible for you to efficiently and easily carry out your chores without spending valuable time looking for one tool or the other.  Start organizing your winter garage today with the following organization ideas."




"Get your day started in style with a walk-in wardrobe. Dressing rooms are all the fashion in today's modern homes. With a place for everything and everything in its place, a dressing room will keep you organized. Check out these swoon-worthy spaces."



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"This is a similar idea but, in this case, instead of a simple bench we have a wall unit with space for storing jackets, hats, scarves, bags and all sorts of other accessories.  The upper compartments are for accessories while the lower compartments are for storing shoes.  It's a great all-in-one approach (found on Transformhome)." 









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"David Hochberg of Katonah takes a photo of a painting during the opening of an exhibit at transFORM Gallery in New Rochelle July 9, 2016. The exhibit, titled "Rescue Me", features the work of fifteen artists and is a benefit for the Humane Society of Westchester."




"We combed through thousands of profiles to create the definitive list of Houzz pages for home design. These talented artisans showcase their best work on their Houzz profile and the results are truly jaw-dropping. 

The winners, in alphabetical order."


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