4 Ways to transFORM Your Home for the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to shake things up for the upcoming parties, gatherings, and events coming your way this season. Here are 4 simple tips to get your home summer ready.

Switching Things Up

Rearranging your furniture can really get your home into summer gear and even surprise guests. 

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To add natural light, open a few windows and shed a few curtains. Take advantage of those long summer days and allow for natural light to illuminate your home. For outdoor lighting, adding lanterns,  string lights, and torches to your deck and backyard will bring life to the night.


Bring the Outside In

Adding floral arrangements and plants throughout your home adds life to your space. If your a bit hesitant about the upkeep of plants, select hues from nature like greens and blues for your bedding sets.

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While we often think about making our homes visually appealing for guests, it's important that we also remember to keep their sense of smell top of mind. Scented candles add aromatic appeal throughout your home. Selecting candles with scents from nature will help you bring the outdoors in, even on those rainy summer days. 

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