TIPS | 5 Ways To A More Productive Home Office

The longer your commute to work, the less happy you are likely to be. Why deal with the stress of commuting when you can create an office in the comfort of your own home? Here are the specific design elements that you can incorporate to help you strengthen your focus and in turn, help you achieve your goals.

The typical work day usually begins with a long line at the coffee shop and is followed by a delayed train or traffic jam. A hectic morning routine is not a recipe for success, but actually a headache. With that in mind, more and more people are taking advantage of flexible schedules and internet tools that allow them to work from home. With a custom home office you can enjoy a fresh cup of joe as you mosey down the hallway to a place of organization and tranquility.

For many people, this sort of situation sounds counter intuitive, but working in a customized space without the distraction of co-workers can actually be very beneficial. There are also specific design elements that you can incorporate to help you strengthen your focus and in turn, help you achieve your goals.

Here are 5 Design Tips For A More Productive Home Office :

1) CHOOSE THE RIGHT PAINT COLOR : When at the paint store, you find yourself overwhelmed with the thousands of options available for your home office. Thinking that they will brighten up your space, you gravitate towards the loud and vibrant colors. However, loud colors like red, orange and yellow are not ideal for a home office. Though they may brighten up your space, they will dim your chances of getting work done. These vibrant shades tend to be distracting and are much better suited for a kitchen or living room. Cool colors like white, blue, green and lavender encourage relaxation and set the tone for a comfortable work environment.


2) BE ONE WITH NATURE : Office workers who are exposed to natural light are more active compared to workers in windowless offices. When working from home you'll have the authority to keep the blinds open, letting in some natural light and fresh air. Breathing in fresh air will relax the body and mind while natural light will make your space appear bigger than it actually is. Candles and sheer window shades can be used for natural dim lighting. To further enhance your space, try incorporating natural elements like plants, stones, and water, which are common ways to complement the room with life, sound and texture.


3) DECORATE TO INNOVATE : Creativity stems from the environment that you are in, so naturally it's hard to find inspiration in a 90 square foot cubicle. With a custom home office, you will have the ability to decorate as you please. Whether it be something that inspires happiness, relaxation, determination, or productivity, it's totally your call. Just keep in mind that your office decor should make colleagues and clients feel welcomed. Unique and personalized pieces, like framed degrees or certificates will make clients feel secure about using your services.


4) STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE : Between the large stacks of paper, sticky notes, and flying folders, you’re destined to become stressed and overwhelmed. With a crowded desk, you find yourself losing important documents, or even worse your cell phone, just two minutes before a conference call. Wouldn’t it be nice to have folders labeled with each of your clients' names, so you can quickly and easily grab them as you go? Well it’s time to make that dream a reality. Instead of buying a clunky metal filing cabinet, invest in a custom file drawer with decorative faces for an aesthetically pleasing display. Side-to-side and front-to-back orientations increase functionality while keeping all your important files in close proximity. Open, adjustable shelving can also be installed to help maximize storage. Open shelves are great for home offices because they allow you to visualize all of your books and binders without having to take anything down.


5) IN THROUGH YOUR NOSE : Often enough, it’s burnt coffee, cheap perfume and a plethora of lunches that make up an office’s atmosphere. Aside from causing a pounding headache, office odors can be totally distracting. When working from home, you have the ability to make your work space smell like fresh roses rather than fresh tuna. Essential oils, fresheners and scented candles can also add to the experience of your room and help with the shift in your frame of mind. Lavender, rose and sweet orange are great soothing scents for a productive home office.