5 Ways to a Cleaner Home Office

A cleaner home office not only looks good, but also helps create more efficient work results. If you have items that are taking up a lot of space, transFORM can help you convert your space into a Custom Home Office that meets your needs! Here are 5 tips to obtain a more organized home office.



  1. Add LED rechargeable lights with sensor switches to your desk and drawers to add brightness and make things easier to locate.

  2. Put items such as checkbooks, passports, travel documents, and credit cards in a designated drawer.

  3. Use drawer dividers to keep items such as pencils, pens, staplers and notepads organized and easily accessible.

  4. De-clutter your space by initiating a paperless desk. Use online sites and apps to write down your ideas.

  5. Develop a file system for important documents.