TIPS | How To Create a Home Office You Want To Work In

More and more people are taking advantage of flexible schedules and internet tools that allow them to work from home. Whether you’re a full-time freelancer or a once-a-month remote worker, it's crucial to have a home office where you can give the task at hand your full concentration. 

A dedicated home office space lets you keep your work life and your personal life separate, and it’s an opportunity to design a custom interior that inspires you to think creatively.

Here are 5 steps to consider when transforming a small nook or spare bedroom into the home office of your dreams.



While the rest of your home may exude an eclectic style full of fun and decorative elements, your work area should be clean and free of distractions. It’s best to start with an empty room so you can add items on an as-needed basis. If you have a collection of photographs and trinkets, relocate them. A clean, composed space is naturally soothing and room to move will help you feel expansive and combat the sensation of stress from a busy workload.



The beauty of working at home is that you get to create a calming space — you’re not at the mercy of someone else’s design tastes. Focus on the feeling you want to achieve in your space and include elements that help you find peace, and add to your sense of balance. Plants, stones, and water are common ways to complement the room with life, sound and natural texture.  Avoid highly charged colors such as red, orange and yellow. Cool colors, including white, blue, green and lavender, set the tone for relaxation.



Whether you are working from home or planning a family event, a custom home office will keep you organized and on task. Custom cabinetry maximizes your space by offering you loads of clever storage solutions. Configure your desk and filing system in the way that best suits your unique working style. You’re in full command of the design and color of your custom cabinets: No need to suffer with a dull metal filing cabinet with drawers that jam. Instead, choose filing drawers with decorative faces for an aesthetically pleasing display. Side-to-side and front-to-back orientations, increase functionality while keeping all your important files in close proximity.



Once you've decided on the basic layout of your desktop and drawers, you can further enhance you home office with custom features like glass front display cabinet doors and open, adjustable shelving. Craft the perfect combination depending on your storage needs and the type of materials you use for work. You can also add a wire management system that corrals all of your cords to keep them organized and out of sight. 



Finally, make sure your home office has ample lighting. In addition to natural light during the day, add both general and overhead lighting and focused task lighting with LED bulbs. Custom task lighting will not only enhance the look of your space but will provide you with greater visability while you work. LED lights offer a clean, bright light that's highly energy-efficient but much easier on the eyes than dated CFL bulbs. 

A custom designed home office can offer a sense of calm control over your daily tasks while improving your work habits. You might even love your job a little more when you have a space that's carefully crafted to fit all your wants and needs. 


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