Curating Your Dressing Room

Curate a dressing room that is organized and visually engaging to bring focus to your clothing. The way that clothes are displayed and arranged can inspire creativity. Here are a few tips from transFORM’s Design Strategist & Art Curator, Kara O’Neill to help you make exciting arrangements in your dressing room.


-Create a surface such as a vanity or center island to spread out your accessory options and visualize more possibilities.


-Install plenty of valet rods to help you compose a variety of outfits to choose from.


-Inset LED lighting inside glass front cabinets to add a warm glow that will increase the dressing rooms visual appeal. The lighting will also make the dressing rooms contents visible early in the mornings and in the evenings when dressing rooms are used most.


-Use hangers that are all one color so your closet looks collected and composed.

-Although your clothing is organized and neatly stored you may have contradictions in color. Arrange your clothing so your colors compliment and balance each other so they all appear as the favorable options they really are.


-When painting the dressing room, choose a sophisticated color palette that will provide a great backdrop for artwork and your wardrobe.

Balance, composure and a clean presentation with plenty of light will bring the focus to your clothing in an exciting way that brightens and enlivens your wardrobe.