Customizing Palmer Hill

The residents of the Palmer Hill Development in Stamford, Connecticut have put custom design in high demand. transFORM Senior Designers Jill Fleischman and Stacey Cowen have dreamed up and brought to life numerous custom projects in the thriving, but compact gated community of 70 townhomes. Ranging from home offices, pantries, wall beds and laundry rooms to simply creating more storage, Jill and Stacey have utilized their versatility as designers. Together these Senior Designers produce truly enchanting work and are dedicated to customer service.


The transFORM design team began working in the area last summer after receiving a lead in the neighborhood. Since then various homeowners within the development have been referring others to transFORM for custom-designed storage solutions. Jill and Stacey meet with customers and reconfigure the customer’s space to give it a fresh aesthetic. Typically, clients contact these Senior Designers months in advance to have their installations completed by their move-in dates. Due to their satisfaction with their initial projects, the majority of these customers have additional design work done in other areas of their home once they have completely moved in.


Building custom designs within these homes has helped create more appealing spaces while providing adequate storage. Simple additions like transFORM’s sliding chrome baskets, laundry valets and hampers add plenty of room in drawers and on shelves. Jill and Stacey’s beautiful storage additions have transformed the houses of Palmer Hill into more comfortable homes for its residents.