Designing Storage to Fit Hard to Use Spaces

Some spaces in the home go unused because of tricky architectural features. transFORM specializes in creating beautiful and beneficial storage in these hard to use spaces. Here are a few examples from recent projects designed and installed by transFORM:

Underneath Windows


This elegant bedroom corner features a storage bench that fits neatly under a gorgeous window setting. The bench can be used as a comfortable place to sit and put on shoes. The placement of the design adds depth to look of the room while providing additional storage space. Decorative drawer faces were matched to the window molding to tie the room together and enhance its elegant and traditional style.

In Inset Corners


A cupboard is used to soften the transition from the kitchen to the adjoining living room in this open and flowing Manhattan apartment. The cupboard is just 9 inches deep to match the change in wall depth. However, with a built-in design that goes from floor to ceiling, there is ample vertical space to display and store glassware in a way that adds to the spacious feel of the apartment.

In Unevenly Shaped Spaces


Angling the desk around the corners of this bay window brings purpose to a space that provides light, style and character to the room. Working in a beautiful environment with a garden view fosters an atmosphere of comfort and aesthetic sophistication that encourages focus and creativity.