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Custom cabinetry is a luxury. It’s also a necessity when you’re looking to maximize the space in your home. In our service areas of Manhattan, Westchester, Brooklyn and Fairfield County, square footage comes at a premium; therefore, we make it our mission to ensure our forward-thinking clientele receives the custom cabinetry they need and deserve. In addition to sourcing high-end materials worldwide, we have placed an emphasis on enhancing our production capabilities.

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Helping to lead the charge is Production Manager Danny Kenis. A classically-trained cabinet maker in his own right, Danny is able to pull from his experience as he manages a team of engineers, factory operatives, and installers. His focus is on increasing the speed of production while raising the standards and quality of the pieces we produce.

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"Speed is basically what’s a big winner for us,” shares Danny. “We can produce and cut many more parts than your average factory can produce.”

Twenty miles north of NYC in the coastal city of New Rochelle, NY, you will find transFORM’s manufacturing facility better known as “The Shop.” The 30,000 square foot space is comprised of top-of-the-line equipment from Stiles Machinery, a HOMAG Company, all the way from Germany which has been modified to bring our clients’ one-of-a-kind custom designs to life.

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“Technology-wise we are in vast comparison with other cabinetry shops. Indeed, way ahead. We have state-of-the-art machinery here,” he emphasizes.

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With top-of-their-class craftsmen at the helm, the output from our machinery is unprecedented. Factory operatives are cross-trained to ensure multiple people are skilled at using each one efficiently. Their artistry coupled with integral features of the machines enables them to work proficiently at a fast pace. For example, the recent addition of a lift mechanism to our beam saw has resulted in a great increase in productivity.

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“This equipment is calibrated to cut up to 140 sheets in an 8 hour session. In the past that was impossible for a person to cut that many sheets in a day, but with this lift mechanism, you are not really lifting the sheet yourself. It’s being lifted for you,” Danny explains. “You only guide the suction cups, and it’s completely cantilevered so it has no weight to it at all. This allows people to cut an entire palette of material in a matter of a few hours. Most shops have a palette, and it’s around for weeks.“

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How to better serve our clientele is always top-of-mind, even in production. Embracing new technology has allowed us to elevate our customers’ experience while providing them with high quality pieces that are custom-made for their home.   

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“We can respond very quickly to custom needs or even last minute needs, specifically because we have the repeatability and also the accuracy that this equipment gives us,” shares Danny.

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Our manufacturing capabilities are innovation at its finest. Staying ahead of the curve ensures we will continue to move our industry forward.

“The key really is to be ahead,” Danny states. “And that’s what we’re constantly striving for.”

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