TRENDS | Fall 2017 Report

As the temperature get cooler and the days get shorter, we find ourselves spending more time indoors. Now is the perfect opportunity to make those home improvements you’ve been thinking about all Summer long. So before you get started, grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and discover the hottest interior design trends for Fall 2017. 

1. Unexpected Color: Pantone’s 2017 Color Of The Year, “ Greenery”, has opened the doors for other refreshing and revitalizing shades. Make a bold, sophisticated statement indoors with unexpected color. Jewel tones like, blue, purple, green and orange, are soothing yet stimulating and work well in almost any room. Glossy Laminates provide a vocabulary of color that visually speaks to you as you travel through your space. Pops of orange and modern design push the envelope, resulting in a high-impact design that shines.


2. Say Goodbye to DIY: When looking to improve your home, you must decide whether to do the work yourself or to hire a professional. Between idea books, pin-boards, video stories and social feeds you can pretty much learn how to do anything yourself. However,this season, designers will be looking towards items that are made by professional, craftsmen rather than crafty, DIYers. 


3. Faux Finishes: While solid wood will never go out of style, we see more people turning to a variety of other materials. For instance, Italian Melamine exemplifies that modern aesthetic found in European furniture. A tribute to the cutting edge, melamine possesses all the timeless aspects of wood, both visually and to the touch, in a contemporary color palette. It has wood’s warmth, style, authenticity and sense of home.


4. Less is More: Multi-functional furniture will become even more popular this season. Dual-purpose designs are engineered in an innovative way to capitalize on space. Whether you have low ceilings and wide walls, or perhaps just a floor plan that doesn’t allow you much room, consider a horizontal wall bed. This space-saving solution is ideal in situations where square footage is at a minimum. Convenient, versatile, and charming, a custom wall bed completely transforms your living space, allowing you a home office by day and bedroom by night.


5. Mixed Metals : Hardware puts the finishing touches on our designs, like fine jewelry matches and completes a carefully selected ensemble. This Fall, we predict an abundance of sleek and shining metals. These elements will range from minimalist accents to statement-making geometric features for the modernist among us. The juxtaposition of classic structure with edgier style, really makes for an interesting and refreshing appearance.  



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