PREP | Create A Thanksgiving Ready Pantry

Do you usually start off Thanksgiving Day by running around trying to remember where you put the tin foil just before everyone arrives? If you answered yes, then we have the solution to make this Thanksgiving Day one of preparedness and relaxation. Go ahead and close your eyes, imagine that you're sitting down with the family, enjoying a nice conversation before dinner is served. 

Turkey is in the oven, side dishes are ready to go, table is set, and all you have to do is say, "dinner is served"... Now doesn’t that sound like the ideal way to spend Thanksgiving? Well, transFORM can turn that dream into a reality.

With a custom pantry, you'll become a pro at hosting the annual family holiday parties!

Day Before Preparing 


You're just about done preparing the mash potatoes. You go into the spice cabinet looking for the pepper, but instead you end up shuffling through all 50 spice containers. You knock the spices over, not being able to tell which ones which, and end up coming out empty handed. There's no time to run to the store because the turkey's already in the oven.

This is where pull-out cabinets come in handy. Pull-out cabinets have spice racks built into them, so when the cabinet comes out of the wall, you can see all the spices you have. No longer do you have to reach into the deep dark unknown of your spice cabinet and all of your cooking can be done without any last minute mishaps.

The Big dinner has arrived 


Relatives are starting to pull into the driveway. You don't have the appetizers out and you're still cooking. Before you know it, your kitchen has turned into a gathering spot in which everyone is asking where they should put their dishes. You're overwhelmed and now your mother in-law wants to help by putting out some cheese and crackers. You know she will never find the box of crackers in the endless hall closet. That means you'll have to stop what you are doing to show her where they are.

Instead of storing food in the cramped hall closet, an organized pantry will provide you with open shelves to store your dry goods. With open shelves, everything is visible and accessible. You'll be able to direct your mother-in-law to the exact spot. Easy for them to see and no further explanation needed.

Setting The Table


Cousins are running around, people are standing still, mingling right in the middle of the hallway. You find yourself weaving in and out while trying not to drop your fine china. You know, the expensive kind you only bring out on special occasions?

Rather than holding your breath every time a relative takes a step back, a Butler’s Pantry will allow you to keep your fine china in a centralized location. A Butler's Pantry can also include a useful counter top, which makes a great place to lay out drinks and extra food. No more dodging hands and elbows as you walk back to the hall closet. All you have to do is rinse the dishes and tuck them back into their safe space. 

Extra Help Can Mean Extra Work


No matter how many times you say "I'm good", your relatives will want to help clean up and put things away. It would be great and make everything go faster, if you did not have to stop every few seconds to show them where you keep the plastic wrap and the aluminum foil.

With a new custom pantry, you can have labeled wicker baskets so there's no confusion as to where anything goes. Relatives can help themselves to the pantry and place items in labeled basket with no questions asked. Then, in a couple of days, you won't have to worry about searching for it. It makes clean up go faster and allows for more time to be spent with family and friends.

Late Night Bites 


It is about 10 p.m. and everyone has gone upstairs for the night - you're not far behind. As you put the last dish away, you hear little footsteps. No surprise, it's the kids coming down the stairs. Of course they're hungry, they didn't each much because they were more concerned about socializing and playing.  Now have to look through your overstuffed kitchen at 10 p.m. trying to find something for them to snack on.

With adjustable shelves you can dedicate the lowest shelf for the kids snacks. They can easily reach their healthy treats all by themselves.  Meaning, you don't need to worry about putting the boxes away and can FINALLY hit the hay.


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