Have a Holiday Ready Pantry this Thanksgiving


During the holidays with large formal meals and extra guests to prepare for, having an organized, space saving kitchen pantry can also save you time, and keep you from purchasing groceries you already have on hand. A custom-designed pantry creates easy access and has a variety of kitchen storage that puts your most used dry goods, glassware, and dishes in arms reach.


“Even small closets can convert into orderly and spacious walk-in pantries. It’s about making the best use of the space you have on hand, and that’s when creating a custom design becomes an advantage” says Rozalia Kiss, Design Manager of transFORM. Kiss continues, “Your home and your pantry should enhance your lifestyle, whether you are hosting friends or cooking dinner for the family. Planning the space with a professional that looks at your needs and recommends accessories you’ll use everyday will make life a little easier.”


Pull-out racks provide greater visibility and ease of access for canned goods.


A corner carousel spins to make use of a hard to reach space. Built-in racks for wine, water bottles, large serving trays, and other specialty-sized items make preparing and serving meals easier and faster. An organized and functional pantry helps you to be free to enjoy your time with friends and family.