A Home Office for Your Golden Years

Converting the home for the comfort of our seniors is increasingly becoming a reality as people live longer. Our designers keep this in mind when they do projects for older clients to prevent home hazards.

Recently transFORM’s design duo Jill Fleischman and Stacey Cowen designed a beautiful home office for one of their older clients. Though retired, the client is still highly active and involved in his community. To prepare for the years to come he requested a home office be built on the first floor of his home.

Positioned in front of large windows overlooking his property, the desk was manufactured in our sunset melamine and features brushed chrome handles. Grommets were placed on the desk so electrical cords can be run through them making it safer for the client to maneuver around his office. File drawers were also incorporated into the design for him to keep his papers in order.

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