Houzz Features Light & Airy Home Office Collaboration


transFORM recently received another mention from the editorial staff at Houzz in their article, 3 Home Offices That Know How to Work It. Alexa Kazim of Atelier 616 Interiors was interviewed about her use of a transFORM custom built-in desk in her home office project. She did a great job meeting her clients needs, explaining the design process, and how transFORM helped along the way.



Her mission was to create a functional work space for a “young family that leads very hectic lives but prioritizes family life”. The homeowner specifically asked for a unit with multiple workstations and an area to layout papers. Our custom home office was designed to suit all of those requirements. This sleek home office fits perfectly in the allotted space and provides the family with plenty of room to stay organized as they work. The design displays the client’s style and personality with knickknacks on floating shelves and their office supplies can be neatly tucked away in the desk’s roomy cabinets and drawers.


Not only did Alexa do a beautiful job creating a functional work space, but also in creating a very attractive space in the home when she decorated this room. We love working with interior designers because they look at a space holistically and give it polish, tending to the finishing touches that bring a room to life. Designers focus on the nitty gritty details that go into making a home perfectly suited for it’s inhabitants, and we handle the custom storage. It’s a great combination.

For example, positioning a desk by the window is the best ergonomic position in the room because natural light makes for a calmer, healthier workspace. Her use of soft neutral colors allows her client’s to stay focused while working from home. Choosing to enhance the room with potted plants not only helps purify the air but adds a little dose of zen to the shelving and desk.


No matter what your daily work includes, having a comfortable, beautiful, well organized workspace at home can make you a whole lot happier.