PREP | How To Deal With Out-Of-Town House Guests

Are you starting to get nervous at the thought of hosting out-of-town guests? If the answer is yes, then take a long deep breath. We’re here to help you make their visit as stress free as possible for you. By following this checklist, you’ll transFORM your home into a swanky B&B and host your guests in style.

ESTABLISH SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS :: Before anything, you must establish where your guests are going to sleep. Whether it be on an air mattress or on the couch, it’s important to let everyone know the sleeping arrangements ahead of time. If you have frequent visitors and a dedicated guest room, you might want to consider a custom wall bed system. Unlike sleeper sofas and futons, wallbeds do not contain uncomfortable metal springs under a thin, flimsy mattress. Our wall beds use real mattresses on top of a flat and firm base to maximize comfort. This multifunctional unit is perfect for overnight guests and will let you reclaim the space for a multitude of other uses when you're not playing host to family and friends.


DEEP CLEAN & PREP :: Start by stripping the mattress of all its bedding and wash everything from your pillowcases and sheets to your mattress cover and bed skirt. To guarantee a good wash, ball up these items and submerge them in hot soapy water. Next, vacuum the mattress, paying close attention to the seam line - the same goes for the couch. Once that’s complete, add a stack of extra pillows and blankets by the bed, just in case.


MAKE ESSENTIALS ACCESSIBLE :: A good host makes everything easy to find. Have fresh towels and toiletries out and available for use. A basket of basic essentials like shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste is more than enough. Whether you’re hosting a few people or an entire family, it’s important to ensure that your house is designed in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable, especially if they’re early risers.


STOCK THE PANTRY :: There’s no better way to make someone feel at home than to fill your pantry with their favorite treats. Make sure to buy staples like water, coffee and juice - your guests will appreciate this in the morning. Eggs and cereal are also good things to have on deck. Be sure to ask guests if they suffer from any food allergies before they arrive. Once determined, you can stock up appropriately.


THINK ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT :: Good entertainment is key to being a good host. That’s why it’s important to make sure your home is well-equipped for a night of fun. With a custom designed wall unit, the entertaining process can run a lot smoother. Conveniently craft cocktails by adding a custom drybar to your living room area. The unit can double as storage for all of your electronic gadgets and accessories. Sliding cabinet doors are a stylish way to reveal a flat-screen TV, allowing you to enjoy movies and shows with your guests. In addition to being super functional during a gathering, wall units can brighten up the look of your home and make it more attractive.



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