Modern Manhattan Reach-In

This floor based reach-in-closet featured in white veneer and brushed aluminum hardware, provides plenty of storage space. Our sectional aluminum sliding doors in charcoal with smoked frosted glass are a sleek and functional way to access your belongings. Even compact spaces can have a modern and stylish look.


Attractive lighting brightens up your closet helping you see and match the color of clothes better. Top shelves are great for storing rarely used or seasonal items while matching storage boxes are useful for keeping more delicate items neat. With tons of hanging space you can easily hang a long skirt and still have room to store your handbags underneath.


Adjustable hanging rods make it simple to sort by color and fit more hanging space into your closet. Fixed belt hooks and shoe cubbies allow you to conveniently and quickly match the perfect accessory to any outfit. Removable hampers are a stress-free way to carry and sort laundry. This design also includes plenty of drawer space.


At transFORM we specialize in custom designed closets that allow you to showcase your wardrobe while staying beautifully organized.



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