Overcoming Design Challenges with Built-ins

Custom built-in storage projects afford you the opportunity to get creative with limited space and expand a room’s uses. Built-ins blend in with your walls and become a part of your room that can conceal the room’s alternative uses and smooth out odd architectural features for a clean presentation.


Homes with a slanted roof often have hard to use spaces on the top floor. Built-ins were used here to create a brilliant walk-in closet made to fit the angled walls. The sliding doors conceal floor to ceiling open hanging and open shelving and serve as mirrors for the closet. A built-in dresser and wardrobe in natural maple with antique brass handles give the space a warm and inviting look.


TV’s can be disruptive to a room’s design because they are large black squares. Hiding the TV in a closet at the foot of a bed allows you to be comfortably entertained when desired and hide the screen when it is not in use.


A guest room can be a seldom-used area that prevents your home from being as useful to you as possible. Freestanding beds also take up a lot of space and limit the uses of small rooms. A home office is a great use for a small room and can become a guest bedroom in seconds with a wall bed hidden behind panels. The matching panels blend in with the surrounding library shelving and cabinets of the home office.