A Pantry Designed to Maximize

Here are a few tips from transFORM on designing your pantry to provide the most storage and convenience with the space you have available.


Keep your pantry close to your kitchen’s working area to cut down on the inconvenience frequent trips. This could mean having your pantry near your counter, sink or oven depending on the layout of your kitchen and how you use it most.


The pantry is often the last piece to be planned when building or renovating a home. A custom solution will make the most of this remnant space.


Having one central area for your food storage will cut down on running around the kitchen to grab all the ingredients.


Think about whether you stock up on dry and canned goods or if you shop more frequently and spontaneously when designing your pantry. You want your design to have the appropriate amount of space for the items you will need to store.


Consider a built-in floor to ceiling pantry cabinet that can be placed against available open wall space.


Design to be organized by having designated spaces, shelf sizes and pull-outs for items you will need to store.


A butler's pantry will also serve as a staging and serving area if you need more counter space to prepare dishes.