PHOTOS | GRAND OPENING of Library Reading Room (New Ro MHA)

On Thursday, November 16th transFORM attended the Grand Opening of The African American Cultural Center and Library Reading Room at the New Rochelle Housing Authority. It was a great pleasure for our Marketing Departent to step outside the office and meet so many wonderful people in celebration of an even more wonderful cause.   

The mission of the NRMHA is to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing for low and moderate income residents of New Rochelle, NY. 

The NRMHA works to create and sustain viable neighborhoods where residents can grow and prosper.

transFORM was able to connect with the NRMHA through another fabulous organization known as My Brother's Keeper founded by President Obama. Managing Director, Colleen Gardephe, reached out with the hopes of partnering up on a community project and naturally, we jumped at the opportunity.

1 Group Photo - MHA Event.jpg

Our Field Technician, Zacky, met Colleen at the NRMHA to measure the space and discuss design options. After just a few days, Zacky had come up with the perfect custom solution for their new Library Reading Room.

2 Installer Photo - MHA Event.jpg

Featured in a soothing combination of materials, Zacky mapped out three large sections of shelving for the houses impressive collection of books. The soft gray and white finishes combine to deliver a comfortable vibe which was exactly what they were looking for.

 4 Bookcase Photo - MHA Event.jpg

The finished library project was described as a perfect vision


“What transFORM did was 'transform'. The company does beautiful work - work that costs thousands of dollars and in this case, they didn’t ask for a penny. transFORM played a huge part in helping us create this encouraging space for learning and loving. For that, we thank them.” - Jared Rice, New Rochelle Councilman

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 “I am grateful to have found my purpose for being here. I am just bursting with joy at the moment we’ve been waiting for… The residents have been the force behind me, my backbone. This is their place for learning.” - Angela Farrish, Interim Executive Director of the Housing Athourity


“In January 2017, I became even more inspired after watching the movie Hidden Figures. It left an everlasting impression on me because I was able to see the gift of knowledge. Knowledge is the one gift that nobody can take away from you.” - Charles Morgan, ROSS Coordinator 


“Take an extra step, dig deeper to find your information. History is your hidden power and your goal should be to learn something everyday. Empower yourself to the next level by making this center your space. It’s modern, clean, and quiet. It’s a place that proves the sky's the limit, and there is no end to what you can do.” - Sheila Small, Chairperson of Board of Directors


A big thank you to Colleen and Councilman Rice for including us in this community project. It was truly an honor! 

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