PROJECT | Chelsea European-Style Wall Bed and Home Office

When configuring the layout of your home, it is imperative to consider how each space will be used. Where would you like to work? Will you entertain and play host to overnight guests? How will you display your prized artwork and souvenirs?

All these questions came to mind when Elise Larrabure, a highly sought after Residential Real Estate Agent with Corcoran, moved into her Chelsea condo. Senior Designer Joseph Egan was able to address her concerns while creating a showstopping piece that makes great use of the living area's vertical space while providing the necessary functionality.

Crafted in our Greenwich Oak finish from our Melamine from Italy collection, this gorgeous built-in cabinet features a home office, horizontal queen-sized European-style wall bed, and a dry bar.

Recently we spoke with Elise to find out how this project came together.

transFORM Custom European Style Horizontal Queen Size Wall Bed

This horizontal queen-size wall bed meets dry bar features Häfele LED lighting that perfectly highlights Elise's unique art collection.

Why did you reach out to transFORM for your project?

I worked with transFORM Designer Joseph Egan on another project and I loved the outcome. I love the material choices and quality that transFORM offers along with their design sophistication.

Why were you interested in having a custom home office and wall bed created for you?

I purchased a one-bedroom loft and wanted to make the most out of my large living space. I needed to provide for guests and have a workspace.

What was your experience working with your designer and transFORM?

It’s always a challenge to create built-ins that provide the storage needed while offering a beautiful design product that compliments your space and lifestyle. Working with Joe was a pleasure as he has a great eye and is attentive to detail. The entire job went smoothly from start to finish.

transFORM Custom Home Office

This custom home office is outfitted with a pop-up outlet complete with USB charging ports so Elise can easily plug in her electronics while hard at work.

How have your custom workspace and wall bed transFORMed your home and life?

My workspace was perfectly designed utilizing the corner space which provides intimacy and great city views where my creativity and inspiration can flow. The open shelves offer great spaces for exhibiting my art. I found that the tones of the shelves compliment the pieces that I found in my recent trip abroad.

As a gift to my husband we created the perfect bar space.

The Murphy bed is so comfortable that my daughter has practically moved in with me. What’s better than having your recent college grad wanting to spend more time with you!

transFORM Custom Built In with Dry Bar

The addition of mirrored backing and glass shelving adds a chic touch to the dry bar section of the custom wall unit.

Where are your 3 favorite places in NYC?

Having grown up on the Upper West Side, I have always enjoyed the peacefulness and entertainment of Central Park. The art, music, special events, and spontaneous entertainment that I have encountered walking through Central Park inspires me as a New Yorker.

What’s better than a visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art afterwards. As a member, I always look forward to the special events and new exhibits. I have sentimental feelings as I often visited when my children were still in strollers to introduce them to the beautiful art. They have grown up to have great appreciation for art.

Babbo on Waverly Place has simply been my favorite place for great Italian food and service in the city.


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