PROJECT | Closets, Closets, Closets

Why transFORM one closet when you can transFORM them all? Earlier this year a Scarsdale couple decided to completely renovate their stone tudor, located in the Heart of Fox Meadow. Naturally, the repeat customers called upon transFORM’s Senior Designer, Ileen Greenberg, to revamp a variety of closets throughout the home. 

This included the front foyer closet, hallway utility closet, basement storage closet, second bedroom closet and of course, the master walk-in closet.    


As you walk through the door, you’re instantly welcomed by a newly designed Dark Caramel Front Foyer Closet. The space features fully backed top shelves, a bench, and high/low hanging sections, which are perfect for storing shoes and keeping jackets in check.  Finally, this foyer design was tastefully accented with Matte Nickel Hardware for added style and ease. 


Next, Ileen moved onto the
Hallway Utility Closet, which for most homes might not always be the most appealing space. However, Ileen did a great job in making sure that wasn’t the case for this family. An array of small hooks were installed to store cleaning and household supplies. Additionally, she added wall mounted steel and rubber broomstick holders to keep long items upright and out of the way. Furthermore, an Omni Track Hose Hook was included to keep cords neat and easily accessible. 


Custom cut outs were carefully created to fit around interesting architectural features and cover unpleasant cable wires.


The Basement Storage Closet may have appeared to be a challenge due to it’s very narrow depth, but thanks to years of experience, Illeen knew the perfect solution to maximizing its space. Top shelf storage space and shallow pull-out drawers were included to accommodate more storage in a tight space. The scoop faces add a decorative touch and help easily slide the drawers.


Third on the list, the Second Bedroom Closet - simple high and low hanging sections were used for this space, along with single hooks and additional Matte Nickel Hardware. Sliding Chrome Baskets were incorporated so that the homeowner can see all of the shelf's contents without having loose items.


 Last but certainly not least, the Master Walk-In Closet. This closet was custom crafted, meticulously manufactured and intricately installed to fit the allotted space. Doubled as a dressing room, this area includes a ton of storage options like tilt-out hampers, front-to-back valet rods, velvet lined jewelry drawers, open and closed adjustable shelving, drawers and more. Wide slanted and flat shoe shelves were installed allowing you to identify and grab your favorite footwear quickly and easily. As you can see, decorative cabinet doors, a large custom mirror, base trim molding and crown molding create a sophisticated and classic space you won't want to leave. 


Ileen also emphasized the importance of good lighting to enhance these newly designed features. Specifically, the closet was equipped with a combination of LED lighting like under-mounted shelf lights and sensor activated drawer lights to make the contents of the dressing room fully visible.


In this case, Melamine was the material of choice. Melamine is an attractive option for closets due to its durability.  It’s extremely difficult to scratch or harm, and very easy to clean.  

Overall, a truly exceptional job by Ileen and the transFORM team!


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