PROJECT | Inside Carole Radziwill’s Custom tF Closet

Earlier this year, American journalist, author and Real Housewives of New York star, Carole Radziwill, gave her two-bedroom SoHo apartment a polished pick-me-up. If you watch the show, it was clear to see that her downtown duplex needed a little TLC. However, what we didn’t see much of was Carole’s smaller second bedroom. A bedroom that would later be converted into a walk-in closet/dressing room designed, manufactured and installed by transFORM. 


Here’s our behind-the-scenes look to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures.

The process started back in February when Carole contacted transFORM for “something different, something girlie. She wanted to morph her extra loft style bedroom into a bespoke style dressing room. transFORM handpicked one of their professional designers to meet Carole for a complimentary consultation, where they discussed all of her wants and needs. "Like every girl in New York I dream of a walk-in closet where you can see all your clothes and the hangers don’t touch”, Radziwill said.


The final design was was made with High Gloss Silver, High Gloss Graphite and a combination of custom, textured finishes. These artistically inspired elements work together to create a beautiful appearance, stunning depth of look, and smooth, touchable feel that exceeds expectations. The juxtaposition of soft gray finishes, and eclectic, globally-influenced accessories makes for a charming, sophisticated sanctuary. 


Drawer dividers and hidden channels provide an easy way to open drawers without placing hardware on the faces of the selected finishes. It also produces a streamlined view and adds a touch of modern, European style to the design.

The unit features two sections of floor-to-ceiling shoe shelves with Matte Nickel shoe fences, which were purposely installed on a slant to provide easy access. Clean lines, both elegant and refined, allow Carole to locate her beloved pair of Jimmy Choos while emerging from an early morning haze.  


Innovative details and contemporary technique come together in a seamless and harmonious way. High and low hanging sections afford Carole enough room to organize her items based on size. This type of mechanism offers more depth than a standard hanging system. Open, adjustable shelving also adds a substantial amount of space to display bulky sweaters, smaller collectibles and exclusive handbags.

transFORM integrated a lovely combination of energy efficient lighting options throughout the unit. The recessed LED strip lights pulse through the Metal, Swarovski Crystal hardware and create an even higher level of awareness and perception. This effect makes the space look more unique, user-friendly and accommodating. 


Behind closed doors, we have  an elite scarf rack and sliding pant rack, both in a Matte Nickel finish. Additionally, an elegant full-length mirror that pivots and slides was added in Matte Aluminum. 


Overall, this contrasting design is a stunning dynamic, evoking the eclectic nature of the stylish and versatile wardrobe it contains. It’s airy nature takes a back seat to the classic and edgy shoes, blazers, dresses and jewels that pop out in each inspired outfit it provides. It’s a closet that makes an experience, that starts a metamorphosis. A space that one wants, needs and deserves.

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