PROJECT | Modern Manhattan Media Center

The renowned landmarked Cass Gilbert building in Chelsea, Manhattan is home to our recent clients.  Their high floor corner loft is nothing short of magnificent and transFORM designer, Maryan Louka was there to help with the design process.

The goal of this project was to create a Customized Wall Unit perfectly adaptable for the customer's television and storage needs.  This design was carefully planned to match the modern luxury and exquisite design of their high-end home.  It was also designed to be just as functional as it is elegant, as it was carefully crafted around electrical outlets and other architectural elements.  


All Adjustable Shelving surrounds this television with decorative Shaker Style Doors and a Custom Gray Countertop to top off the polished unit.   

A custom painted Gray Melamine and Oak Wood were the materials of choice for this project, while Fluted Panels with Rosette Molding were added to create a sophisticated and timeless look.  The use of the architectural feature of molding adds value to the room, highlights the unit and makes the entire room feel well-crafted, just like a home is supposed to feel!