Project | White Painted Wall Unit & Wall Bed

transFORM Designer Jude Nicastro, had the honor of designing a crisp new wall unit + wall bed system at the Quaker Ridge - a post war co-op located in the Gramercy Park area of New York City. All the pieces come together not only to serve multiple functions, but also to create a restful atmosphere. 

What did they want? Did they have a favorite look or style they wanted you to create? 

The homeowners were looking to transform their guest room into a functional, well-appointed space with plenty of style and storage. The couple requested something elegant and formal but not too precious - a “mid century” vibe, rather than “retro”. More importantly, the design needed to include a queen sized wall bed so they could accommodate their frequent out-of-town guests.

How did you create this?

Jude worked closely with the couple to create a simple, yet tasteful solution. He used white painted maple wood veneers and solid wood painted doors to give the space a formal style. All-white cabinetry offers unlimited design possibilities, serving as a ready canvas for lively trimmings. In this case, the couple accessorized with a full length rug, which reflected a well thought-out and curated mix of old and new in warm tones.

Jude-Customer-Story -1.jpg

As you can see, the TV stand features plenty of extra storage. It also includes a wire management system that corrals all media cords to keep them organized and out of sight. Open shelving was added to display decorative pieces while customizable cabinets can be used for items like remotes, pillows, blankets, movies and video games. Thanks to advanced European hardware, drawers are easy to access and provide the storage of multiple compartments without cluttering the look of the media center.

Last but not least, this design includes a queen sized horizontal wall bed, which fits perfectly within the home's wide walls and low ceilings. All the pieces come together not only to serve multiple functions, but also to create a restful atmosphere. 

How did this project improve their lifestyle?

Adding a wall bed opens up so many possibilities. “This space-saving design provides the versatility needed to bring the contemporary living spaces the family desired into one room. When the bed is folded up, they have the option of having everything from a home office or home gym to home theater or craft room. The unit not only maximizes floor space but provides a sufficient amount of storage to keep everything neat and organized.  - Jude