Project | Inspiring WorkSpace For a Graphic Designer

transFORM Designer, Melissa Fritz, recently helped a Graphic Designer by creating a designated workspace that allows her to focus on her art and have more room for inspiration. The goal was to create an efficient workspace, free from distractions with enough space to accommodate all of her office supplies. 

 The homeowner wanted a unit that would stay as conducive to productivity as possible, without feeling too severe. As far as style, she requested something sophisticated and elegant.

How did you create this?

When you work from home, it’s extremely important to stay focused and inspired.  To keep the motivation meter high, Melissa created a multi-purpose space in hopes of separating the client's personal life from her professional one. 


The large white melamine desk with thermofoil doors and drawers, ensures plenty of work space and natural lighting. All-white cabinetry is very upscale. However, it can be easily enhanced with unexpected elements to keep things from getting too serious. Gloomy gray filing cabinets were replaced by aesthetically pleasing filing drawers with side-to-side and front-to-back orientations. This helps to increase functionality while keeping all her important files in close proximity.


Adjustable shelves not only enhance storage potential but also serve as a beautiful focal point within this home office. Open shelves can be used as a convenient and charming way to display favorite reads and reference books. 


How did this project improve their lifestyle?

This specific design maximizes the client's space and complements her working style. Turning this area into a beautiful home office with the use of custom cabinetry was a creative way to make the most of an empty space. It’s a custom and ergonomic layout with functional storage to house all of her supplies. Every single element works together to create the perfect vibe.


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