New Rochelle High School PAVE Exhibit

transFORM Gallery was happy to welcome back instructor Alexi Brock’s NRHS PAVE class for our third annual exhibition of their art on the evening of Wednesday, June 5th. The title of the exhibit, Art at Dawn, captures the student’s hard work and dedication. They arrived at school at 7:15 AM to participate in the PAVE program, a testament to their enthusiasm for creating and elevating their art. The class was joined by family and friends to celebrate their favorite and most accomplished pieces produced through their hard work and early morning classes over the school year.

The students were eager to talk about their artwork, process and inspirations. Artist Kayla James was inspired by images of dancers to make her piece and created a series of smaller works depicting their silhouetted poses against brightly colored backgrounds called “Evolution of a Fairy Tale”. Kayla created her own backdrop for the series to be displayed on by spray painting over a large sheet of poster paper with lines creating movement between the figures in the paintings. “I Kayla-fied it” she said with pride in adding her personality to her artwork.


Artist Yael Brown described her process in creating her photograph, “Into the Woods”. “I wanted to go into the woods with my friend in the photo and have the feeling of running away and escaping” she said. The photograph depicts a girl with a dandelion crown, staring off into the woods, happily and hopefully, framed by light pouring through trees.


Amanda Wellstood’s painting “Curious” was inspired by a dream. A skeleton is shown looking into colored orbs that represent pathways to memories.


All of the students artworks will be on display at transFORM Gallery through June 25th. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to see the impressive works of New Rochelle’s best, aspiring young artists.

This years exhibiting students from the PAVE 2 Visual Arts class with instructor Alexi Rutsch Brock are: Amanda Appreku, Mariana Bernardini, Davina Bisaria, Yael Brown, Craig Collins, Daniel DaSilva, Ania Dunlap, Khadija Horton, Kayla James, Kristen Kaufman, Jacky Lemus, Selena Lozano, Nancy Mejia, Lelo Mnisi, Jennifer Orozco, Alyssa Sacco, Selin Selman, Abi Wacha, Amanda Wellstood, Chad Williams.



About the PAVE Program

Paving the way for our future Performing and Visual Artists by: Preparing the talented students to meet the demands necessary for their success, both academically and professionally, and by providing them with a broader knowledge, scope, insight, & balance in a comprehensive program of creative & artistic works. Acknowledging their heritage in the New Rochelle community through a curriculum, which reflects and expresses this diversity. Viewing themselves as an integral part of the creative process. Empowering them to become leaders in the arts by developing their creativity, theatricalism, self-esteem, respect, mind and body, and their role as artists. Upon successfully completing 5 units of credit, students will receive a PAVE seal on their High School Diploma and fulfill the State Education Department requirement for a Fine Arts sequence.