PROJECT | Tall and Slim Utility Closet

Utility closets are most commonly used to house your practical day-to-day appliances and supplies. Featured in a pre-finished maple and white painted oak, this layout is a perfect blend of style and function. An organized utility closet is essential to keeping things in order during your day-to-day chores.


transFORM’s bifold hinge decorative doors, fold at the center, taking up less room when opened than conventional style doors.


Thanks to a generous amount of shelving, this tall and slim unit allows you to store everyday household items in a smart and organized way. Top shelves provide enough depth to hold your extra towels and bulkier linens. Cleaning supplies are easy to locate and arrange with our pull-out trays.


Our sliding chrome basket not only matches the cabinet’s finishes but also serves as a convenient place to store your dirty dusting cloths until laundry day. The space is maximized with smart storage features like an Elite Broom Hook, which is designed to keep long-handled items upright and out of the way.


transFORM’s custom closets can provide you with an efficient layout that places everything you need within reach.

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