PHOTOs | First Annual NYCCDC Fundraiser at tF

On Thursday, October 6th transFORM hosted the 1st Annual New York Covenant Community Development Corporations “New Beginnings” Fundraiser. Guests explored the showroom while enjoying delicious refreshments, live music and exciting art. Check out all the fun we had - 


“The NYCCDC was founded in 2006 as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. NYCCDC’s mission is to care, build and empower the lives of the marginalized by breaking down systemic injustices in lower Westchester County and the Bronx. Since its beginning, NYCCDC has joined with businesses, schools, medical and social service providers, and community organizations to provide the poor with services to help meet their housing, emotional and nutritional needs.”

NYCCDC2.jpgImage Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

The event was specifically centered around “Isaiah’s Room”, a flagship program that has been serving New Rochelle’s homeless population since 2009.

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

The program provides, on a weekly basis, hot meals, clothing, toiletries and advocacy to the homeless.  In 2015, volunteers and donors fully supported and funded over 8000 served meals. The NYCCDC has come to understand the needs of the homeless quite well. Their volunteers have accompanied their friends to court, assisted them with obtaining legal documents, taken them to domestic abuse centers, helped move them into permanent housing, and much more. The NYCCDC volunteers are in relationship with many of the truly homeless. They help “Isaiah's Room” stand as a stable refuge for those in need.

NYCCDC4a.jpgImage Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Guests explored the showroom while enjoying delicious refreshments prepared by the NYCCDC’s Chef Rahsaan White, live jazz and animal themed  artwork, which was on display for transFORM Gallery’s exhibit, “Rescue Me”.

NYCCDC4.jpgImage Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

The viewers were virtually surrounded by color and image, an enveloping experience that blended well with transFORM’s custom cabinetry.

NYCCDC5.jpgImage Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

It was great to see familiar faces, like New Rochelle’s Mayor Noam Bramson, and to meet many new ones like Rev. Dr. David Randolph Holder. 


“Rev. Dr. David Randolph Holder is a fourth generation pastor, raised in Laurelton Queens, New York. As part of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Dr. Holder founded New York Covenant Church (NYCC) on July 19, 1998 and has been the Senior Pastor since its inception.”

NYCCDC7.jpgImage Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Board member, Abbe Udochi spoke briefly about her position within the New York Covenant Community.

NYCCDC8.jpgImage Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

She specifically mentioned available sponsorship opportunities. Whether it be a donation to the Emergency Monetary Support fund or to the weekend meal services, there are plenty of ways to show support for “Isaiah’s Room”.

NYCCDC9.jpgImage Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Aside from transFORM, generous contributions to “Isaiah’s Room” were provided by Affinity Health Plan and Wykagyl Cleaners. In an extra effort to raise awareness, transFORM Gallery donated 10% of all artwork sales to “Isaiah’s Room”.

NYCCDC10.jpgImage Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

This wonderful “New Beginnings” event raised over $14,000 to benefit “Isaiah’s Room”.

NYCCDC11.jpgImage Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

At transFORM, we enjoy opening up our showroom to chambers, meet-ups and non-profit organizations as a way to network and build new relationships. It exposes our showroom and gives people the chance to see, touch and feel what we do. We were especially honored to host this event and to have the opportunity to meet so many great people within the local community. 

NYCCDC12.jpg Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

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