New | Bachelor's Studio Apartment

transFORM’s Young Bachelor's Studio Apartment provides comfort, convenience and charm without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Featured in a Desert Oak and Dusk Frake Shinnoki and finished with Red Port High Gloss and Black Leather accents, transFORM’s newest installation includes an array of custom storage cabinetry. 



This unit performs double duty in the bedroom - allowing you a home office by day and a place to sleep by night.


The twin-sized horizontal wall bed fits perfectly within the room’s wide walls and low ceilings while providing easy access to the overhead cabinets. This flexible unit includes a full length display shelf on one side and a fold-down bed on the other. A major plus is that you are able to open and close the bed without having to remove your belongings from the shelf.


Concealed levelers and telescoping hardware grants you the power to effortlessly convert the sideboard into an extendable table. Square shaped hinges and arm flap stays are used to open and close drop-down doors softly and silently.


This area was also specifically designed to accommodate the homeowners clothes, style and space. Large wardrobe cabinets deliver a sufficient amount of elevation for extra storage, allowing you to conveniently and effortlessly organize your items based on size. From a sports jacket to a full length coat, all of your clothing is easily accessible. This European style unit was further enhanced with sliding doors, which add style and efficiency to your wardrobe.Finally, our custom design was completed with integrated LED lighting. Positioned by the bed is a flexible gooseneck light, which creates mood lighting for your entire living space. Dimmable LED’s are easy to position and operate with a touch switch on the head of the light. This unit also includes a combination of recessed lights and surface mounted strip lights for direct lighting on furniture. Added lighting makes your custom storage more unique and more accommodating.