TIPS | How To Get The Perfect Party Pantry

When you love to entertain, your home is more than just a place to relax - it’s also a hub for your entire social network to gather together and share good times and great food. When you have a dedicated space for all of your food, plus beautifully displayed dishes and silverware, it’s easy to grab what you need.

You may have already planned your home decor around your entertaining needs (comfortable chairs, great lighting & elements of style that are all your own) but have you given any thought to adding function behind the scenes? Your kitchen is likely on display during a party, but your pantry is the hidden workhorse that makes it all possible.

With custom organization and clever features to store all of your party supplies, you’ll be ready for anything whether it be a formal sit-down dinner or an impromptu barbecue. Best of all, an organized pantry will allow you to spend less time looking for things in the kitchen and more time chatting with guests.

Ready to get started? Consider adding custom cabinetry with the following accessories to create the storage solution of your dreams.

Open Adjustable Shelves


Reserve a section of your pantry for open shelves to store dry goods. Since items come in all shapes and sizes, open adjustable shelving will give you the flexibility you need to store items in a neat and organized way. You can even move the shelves around to temporarily accommodate bulk containers as you stock up for a big night.

Pull-out Cabinets and Organizers


Instead of ordinary cabinet doors, consider adding a pull-out cabinet and organizer. This clean organizational system allows you to see the full length of your storage space, which means no more reaching all the way to the back of the shelf or digging through items blocked by cans or boxes in the front. You’ll love the easy access to spices, canned goods and other supplies. This is a great solution for adding a compact pantry to any size home.

A Classic Butler’s Pantry


If you have a large kitchen, include a butler’s pantry just outside your pantry doors. A butler's pantry has added storage for fine silver, serving trays and a dry bar. You can line the adjacent walls with built-in storage for your fine china, silver tableware and cutlery. The counter space near the pantry is also great as a staging area for preparing dishes because it’s conveniently located between the kitchen and the pantry. A butler’s pantry can be a show-stopping piece that elevates your kitchen into something truly special.

Wicker Baskets


Once you’ve designed your custom pantry cabinets and interiors, it’s time to add storage baskets to keep small items neatly corralled. Wicker baskets are great for fruits, vegetables and other perishables in the pantry. They allow airflow to reduce mold and mildew, and you’ll be able to see all of your produce at a glance — perfect for grabbing a fresh, healthy snack.

When you have a dedicated space for all of your food, plus beautifully displayed dishes and silverware, it’s easy to grab what you need — or to send a helpful guest into your beautiful custom pantry for a corkscrew or serving platter. You can even earmark a drawer or two for supplies like candles, tablecloths and placemats for special occasions. The choices are nearly endless once you transform your kitchen closet into the custom pantry of your dreams.

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