TRENDS | The Pros to Multifunctional Furniture

When you’re starting out or starting over, apartment living is the way to go. If you’re located in a big city, it might actually be the only way to go. Whether it’s by choice or circumstance, apartment living can be tough, especially when it comes to selecting the right furniture.

You don’t want to give up your Queen sized bed, but you find that it is no longer practical given the allotted space. What about a desk? You’re going to need a designated workspace to get things done. Unfortunately, the furniture that you find in the stores can not be altered to fit your apartment and vice versa. So, what do you do?

The answer to your dilemma: Customize a solution with multifunctional furniture.

Multifunctional furniture is designed to perform several tasks while maximizing living space in a unique and flexible way. These space-saving solutions are ideal for compact urban living as they are customized to fit the available space, activities and personal tastes of the homeowner.

Here are some pros of multifunctional furniture -

SPACE SAVER: You’re trying to get ready for work, but become frustrated when the only way to access your clothing is to stand on your bed to open the closet door. When moving in, the movers asked “do you really need a big bed in this tiny space?” You contemplated, then thought ‘yes’. Why should you have to give up a good night's sleep for a little extra walking room? What if there was a compromise between your mover’s guidance and your own desires? Well, there is. A custom wall bed is a perfect addition to any spot that has a limited amount of floor space. In just a few seconds you can unfold this convenient bed into instant sleeping arrangements, complete with a comfortable standard-size mattress. Our convertible designs make it simple to fold out the bed and tuck it back away when not in use.


NEVER SETTLE: Table or desk? Table or desk? This is what you’re thinking as you arrive at the furniture store. You spend your time trying to decide which one will look better while taking up the least amount of space. You could use a table for knick knacks and home decor, but where does that leave you when it’s time to work? A custom sideboard with swivel desk top can be the solution to your problem. This dual purpose unit doubles as a modern sideboard and functional working space. Concealed hinges, levelers and casters allow you to effortlessly convert the table into a desk whenever you need to get to work. Display shelves are great for personalizing your space, while library shelves have plenty of room to store your favorite reads. Don’t forget to add a few drawers too to keep your work organized and out of the way when it’s time to relax.


MINIMIZE THE CLUTTER: It would be ideal to have our homes looking spic and span at all times, but unfortunately that’s not a reality. Between working, exercising and socializing, cleaning is not a priority on our list of things to do. But here you are, hustling around the apartment two hours before your guest arrive, dusting and cleaning. With a bed that folds up or a table that lays flat, there will be no place for dust bunnies to hide. Less furniture means less lifting and sweeping and you’ll have more time to get ready and relax before everyone arrives.  


MONEY SAVER: Moving can be very challenging for both you and your wallet. Now you’re faced with the responsibilities of paying rent, utilities and cable and it’s not as luxurious as you thought. With a tight bank account, your furniture options can be slim to none. Instead of wasting money on a basic model, invest in a multifunctional unit, customized from an array of exquisite finishes and hardware. Dual-purpose units allow you to utilize two different pieces of furniture at the price of one.