TIPS | Custom Wall Beds For holiday Guests

Hosting out-of-town guests is an event in itself. With siblings, parents, grandparents and other family members spending the night, living quarters can get fairly tight. However, a custom wall bed system can provide all the space you need this holiday season.


If you have frequent visitors and/or a dedicated guest room, a custom wall bed is the way to go. Unlike sleeper sofas and futons, wall beds do not contain uncomfortable metal springs under a thin, flimsy mattress. Instead, transFORM’s wall beds use real mattresses on top of a flat and firm base to maximize comfort.

This multifunctional unit is perfect for hosting overnight guests and will let you reclaim the space for a multitude of other uses when you're not playing host to family and friends. As you can see below, this design instantly converts to a wall unit/bookshelf in a matter of seconds. 




Our wall beds use a piston-driven lift mechanism for improved safety and functionality. The piston-driven lift mechanism lowers the wall bed in stages, preventing it from swinging down too quickly, making the bed easy to lower. 


The system can be designed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation to maximize a room's availability. Use a horizontal wall bed in rooms with wide walls and low ceilings to provide easy access to overhead cabinets. 


Vertical wall beds in rooms with narrow walls and high ceilings provide access to cabinetry on either side of the bed. 


Ready to reclaim your space?!

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