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Modern Manhattan Reach-In

This floor based reach-in-closet featured in white veneer and brushed aluminum hardware, provides plenty of storage space. Our sectional aluminum sliding doors in charcoal with smoked frosted glass are a sleek and functional way to access your belongings. Even compact spaces can have a modern and stylish look.

Curating Your Dressing Room

Curate a dressing room that is organized and visually engaging to bring focus to your clothing. The way that clothes are displayed and arranged can inspire creativity. Here are a few tips from transFORM’s Design Strategist & Art Curator, Kara O’Neill to help you make exciting arrangements in your dressing room.

New Manhattan Dressing Room

transFORM introduces its newest dressing room design showcasing the stylish hardware of Hafele in their Manhattan showroom at 25 East 26th Street. LED lighting throughout conveniently illuminates the dressing room so you can view your whole wardrobe. The glass shelves and mosaic-patterned tempered glass door fronts add a soft touch to the design and let you display your personality through your photos and home decor.

MyCube: A New Generation of Safe-Keeping

Recently at transFORM we began offering our customers the MyCube safe. Like a traditional safe, the MyCube keeps your jewelry and important documents out of plain sight, but the driving feature for the product is its digital safekeeping capabilities.

Not only does the MyCube keep digital devices secure, there is an internal outlet that allows you to charge devices in the safe. The digital lock is battery-operated in the event of a power outage. It even has a manual override key if the batteries lose charge. The MyCube is available in pink, silver, blue, white, orange, and black. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are safe by adding a MyCube to one of our custom designed home offices or closets.

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