transFORM: an Eco-Conscious Company

People all over the country, and especially in fast-paced and forward-thinking New York City, are changing the way they live and do business to ensure a better future for our planet. Efforts like NYC Bike Share and the Highline Park are a few exciting ways the city is adapting to be greener, healthier, and reduce carbon emissions. transFORM is no exception to the growing trend toward green. Take a look at how our products and process are eco-friendly at transFORM’s Environmental Commitment page.


We selectively choose our suppliers and products, as well as streamline our business operations to minimize our carbon footprint. On a smaller scale, around the office we find ways to make a difference too. transFORM offices and showrooms have energy efficient lighting. We recycle paper, plastic, glass, and cardboard as well as used electronics and batteries. Our coffee grounds and food scraps are mulched. Even the coffee for our customers and staff is Certified Carbonfree. Grounds for Change makes their coffee with renewable energy and the company purchases offsets to cover other energy use and carbon emissions. All these small eco-conscious efforts add up to a world of difference.


Read more about environmental responsibility in our products and process at transFORM’s Environmental Commitment.