EVENT | Sabine's New House Greenwich, Connecticut

On Thursday, June 2nd, transFORM had the amazing opportunity of joining an array of builders, architects, designers, and interested buyers at the reveal of Sabine’s New House in Greenwich, CT. Best of all, tF Designer Paulette Marino, had the honor of working with Sabine on this beautiful WI closet. Take a look 


From engineered wood flooring and energy efficient doors to a custom (transFORM) walk-in closet, “The Greenwich House” proved to be not only sustainable, but beautiful too.


Sabine H. Schoenberg of New York, is the founder and host of Sabine's NewHouse, which focuses on the next generation of home building. “As a licensed realtor, designer and renovation expert - Sabine does it all. Over the years Sabine has honed a unique expertise at creating homes that encompass great energy and sophisticated design. Through her work, she is constantly seeking the latest building techniques, materials and products that create energy efficient and environmentally sustainable homes.”


(Image Courtesy of www.sabinesnewhouse.com)

Sabine’s New house is a recorded series produced for immediate online and later TV roll-out. As the host, Sabine features the latest smart, healthy and green home building products to set the standard for today’s home construction. The program focuses on two key buying groups : Millennials and Baby Boomers.

Sabine explains the logic behind her target audience best, “Millennials account for 32 percent of real estate buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors. That’s why it’s essential to know what Millennials want in their homes. Their values and desired lifestyles are very different than their Baby Boomer parents. Buyers today have more of an awareness about what they’re building and the way they’re integrating new technology and new products into their homes. It’s about smart and healthy living”.


transFORM’s Senior Designer, Paulette Marino, had the honor of working with Sabine on her latest project. The design was made from an eco-friendly white melamine and light driftwood drawer faces. It was further enhanced with modern matte nickel hardware and white thermo-shaker doors. This custom walk-in closet also included handy features like an elite tie and belt rack as well as an elite valet rod and mirror.


transFORM was excited to be apart of this project as we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality eco-friendly wood products in the industry. We are passionate about preserving the environment and incorporate that mission into our operations and our products. Through these efforts, we conserve energy, minimize our carbon footprint and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Toxicity and pollution are prevented from entering the environment every day through transFORM’s responsible conduct and sourcing of materials.


Paulette and transFORM’s Marketing Department stood close by to answer questions and provide interested guests with more information on our company. We truly enjoyed meeting like-minded people and chatting about their different experiences within the design industry. Thank you to Sabine and Chris Mohs for welcoming us at the big event. We look forward to working with you on future projects!


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