transFORM Co-Founders Present at Stiles Machinery's Executive Briefing Conference

Leading manufacturers from across the country gathered in Denver for Stiles Machinery’s Executive Briefing Conference from April 6 - 8th, 2014. Speakers from the cutting edge of the woodworking industry were brought in to speak on a variety of topics impacting the future of the business. transFORM Co-Founders, Andreas Messis and Stuart Reisch, presented transFORM’s marketing strategy as a case study to educate conference goers on effective methods of selectively marketing to an educated and discriminating customer base.


In the interior design marketplace of New York City’s Metropolitan Area, the market has shifted from desiring lower cost and mass produced items to an enthusiasm for unique and high quality custom pieces created specifically for each customer. transFORM’s Co-Founders described to the conference how we accomplish the task of capturing the enthusiasm for superior custom work through our marketing. Extensive advertising, branding, public relations and outreach through events kindle and then galvanize interest in our services. Then, our first class showrooms and professional designers that have unparalleled creativity, refined taste and extensive training counsel the customer on the design of their project. High quality custom options for materials, hardware, colors, stains and finishes then introduce the customer to capabilities we have for their project beyond the competitors in our marketplace.


transFORM was honored to be invited to present at the conference. transFORM thanks Stiles Machinery for inviting us and for being gracious hosts. We look forward to years of continued success for both of our companies.

About the Executive Briefing Conference

Since 2002, the EBC has become the premier venue for key manufacturers to network and explore new ways to succeed. By providing strategic and practical information that addresses manufacturing challenges, the EBC provides a forum to find out about new technologies and discover opportunities in a non-commercial environment.


Envision an event that has more people discussing solutions rather than asking questions.

The Executive Briefing Conference provides company leaders with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions on the future success of their company.

About Stiles Machinery

Stiles has been helping manufacturers achieve high performance with quality machines and service since 1965. The Homag Group, parent company of Stiles Machinery, is the largest manufacturer of woodworking machinery in the world.


Today, a wide range of industries partner with Stiles. They bring innovative concepts, new technologies and outstanding service to aerospace, transportation, alternative energy, architecture and structural elements, furniture, retail fixtures and other industries.

They offer expertise in manufacturing within a range of materials, including wood, plastics, composites, carbon fiber, glass, stone and nonferrous metals.