transFORM Your Empty Nest Into a Personal Sanctuary

Once your kids are off to college, you have the opportunity to convert their empty room into something new and exciting. transFORM your empty nest into a personal sanctuary. During what is often a difficult transition for parents, remodeling your child’s room can be a great cooperative activity with your spouse.


If your closet is overcrowded, consider the space for a remodel as a dressing room to conveniently house your wardrobe.


Take on new hobbies and convert the available space into a hobby or craft room.


Home offices are an excellent addition for those going back to school or starting a small business with their new-found free time.


If you would like to maintain the space as a guest bedroom for visiting friends and holidays home from college, a wall bed allows you to make new use of the space while accommodating guests when you need it.

Get creative with your new space and transFORM will custom design a built-in installation that enhances the room’s new purpose.


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