NEWS | transFORM Honored by The NRCCS

On Thursday June 9th, transFORM was honored by the New Rochelle Council of Community Services at Beckwith Pointe Beach Club in New Rochelle. The annual luncheon celebrates exceptional individuals and businesses who have devoted their time and energy to community service.


The 2016 honorees included transFORM, Gustavo Barbosa, and Millie Radonjic-Ilich. The NRCCS also awarded its annual $1,000 scholarships to students Jonathan Reyes and Michelle Zhi Hui Zhang.


It was a beautiful day with beautiful people in support of an even more beautiful cause. Familiar faces included Mayor Noam Bramson, NRHS Principal, Reginald Richardson, and Sister Beth Dowd of Songcatchers. The luncheon was a wonderful opportunity to meet new community members and discuss the diverse organizations within our city.


The New Rochelle Council of Community Services is a not-for-profit umbrella organization for the health and human service agencies, religious institutions and educational facilities of the City of New Rochelle. This includes entities situated outside New Rochelle that serve the city. The Council’s Board of Directors consists of local residents. At monthly meetings, community needs are addressed and various programs are designed to meet those needs.


Executive Committee President, Stephanie Tomei, started the reception by welcoming everyone in attendance, while Recording Secretary, Linda Fosina spoke about transFORM -

“We would like to honor transFORM, a design business that creates custom storage systems and manufactures all of their products here in New Rochelle. Their showroom incorporates an art gallery that regularly displays art from the New Rochelle High School’s PAVE Program and hosts fundraisers for a number of local charities and organizations, including HOPE Community Services, The New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce, The New Rochelle Arts Collective and upcoming, The Humane Society Of Westchester. transFORM has also participated in events to benefit the New Rochelle Boys and Girls Club and Habitat for Humanity of Westchester. As a community with a rich history and a long established support of the arts, we are fortunate to have a community business which not only boosts our city’s economy but also celebrates and supports artists of all ages and backgrounds. Excepting this award is transFORM’s Co-Founder, Andreas Messis, and Design Strategist & Gallery Director, Kara O’Neil.”


Following the previous honorees, Andreas spoke on the common theme of immigration and culture : “I am so happy to be the third honoree to accept this award because after hearing Gustavo and Millie I was trying to determine if I was an immigrant or a newcomer. Although I was born in NYC, my parents were immigrants in the 1960’s. When I was 1 ½  they took me back to Cyprus where I grew up and 30 years ago I moved back to the states to go to college. It’s because of a good background and education that I am here today accepting this award. Thank you very much for reminding me of that.”

Kara then spoke about her infatuation with New Rochelle as a community : “I am always impressed with how many organizations there are in New Rochelle and how many of them engage in community service. When we host events we meet all different people and then all of a sudden I start seeing those same people at other events. We all start to connect as one and that’s a reflection on the wonderful city. Hats off to New Rochelle for showing us how interconnected everyone can be.”


transFORM and transFORM Gallery strive to make a positive impact on the world around us. We find it highly important for our organization to contribute to the communities in which we live and work by promoting, organizing, hosting and sponsoring as many charitable events as possible.


A big thank you goes out to the New Rochelle Council of Community Service for their kind words and acknowledgement.

We look forward to continuing our dedication and commitment to the city and people of New Rochelle.