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transFORM had the honor of designing, manufacturing and installing a crisp new walk-in closet at The Chatsworth - a historic Beaux Arts building located in the heart of Manhattan's charming Upper West Side. Built in 1904, The Chatsworth was reintroduced in 2015 with expanded floor plans, incredible amenities and a private club-like atmosphere.


transFORM’s Senior Design Manager Rozalia Kiss, worked with the  HFZ Capital Group to create a striking  bedroom sized walk-in closet, which was recently featured in the New York Times article : Closets as Big as Some Apartments. The article identifies spacious closets as the latest must-have in some of the city’s most expensive condominiums.

Quickly becoming an essential part of the modern home, a walk-in closet adds style and convenience to your daily routine. Designed in a clean white finish and tastefully accented with complementing polished chrome hardware, this custom walk-in closet delivers tons of functional and accessible space.


All-white cabinetry offers a crisp look that allows your clothing to steal the spotlight. The high-contrast shaker style doors, create an elegant backdrop for your clothing. Light also pours through the big windows, drawing your eye to the iconic views of the Hudson River. It creates a feeling of brightness and positivity that energizes and enlivens.  It’s a walk-in closet where you can look and feel your best as you begin your day.

For added visual appeal, the unit was accented with crown and base molding. The elegant detailing was inspired by the pre-war era building’s architectural features. The moldings add a retro geometric touch that matches the apartments beamed ceilings and traditional herringbone floors that were all the rage during the period and make a striking comeback in this beautiful renovation.


This unit was specifically designed with a variety of open shelves, hanging sections, and shoe storage. Hanging sections provide enough elevation to conveniently organize items based on size. From blazers and blouses to maxi skirts and evening gowns, all of your clothing is easily accessible. By using the same color hangers, your space will appear even more collected and composed.  You can also arrange your clothing so that the colors compliment each other and appear as the favorable options they really are.

For the shoe enthusiast, we included numerous sets of shoe shelves and cubbies that attractively organize and showcase your finest footwear. This type of system allows you to identify and grab your favorite pair as you mix and match the perfect ensemble.


Shelving provides many of the same storage functions as drawers or baskets, but at a more economical price point. Items on open shelves are easier to recognize as a match for an outfit than items inside drawers. Top shelves are best for large, lightweight and seldomly-used items like your favorite floppy beach hat. Middle shelves, which tend to be the units focal point can be personalized with photos and home decor. Bottom shelves provide easy access to your most frequently used items like cozy sweaters and beloved slacks.

This custom closet also includes three tilt-out laundry hampers. No more dragging big clunky laundry baskets around the house.  Tilt-out hampers are removable, lightweight nylon bags and easy to grab and go. They are stored behind cabinet faces that blend in with your space, removing unsightly and unpleasant-to-be-around dirty laundry from accumulating in piles on the floor. Installing 2 - 3 tilt-outs will make sorting laundry lightning fast. These hampers help keep your closet clean and tidy and increase space without losing functionality.


Let's face it, an organized custom closet just looks great. The side benefit is increased awareness and more pride in your clothing and your day-to-day appearance. With an organized system everything has its place and you can find the garments you need in the moment you need them, sans the ‘what to wear’ frustration.


New York Times Article : Closets as Big as Some Apartments  

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