transFORM's Latest Pantry Design

Essential kitchen products are more easily accessible with transFORM’s custom designed pantries. Your favorite foods are neatly stored in this pantry that features pull-out cabinets, pull-out chrome racks and solid woven wicker baskets. Items like fruits and bagged goods are stored in pull-out chrome racks to help make items more visible. In addition, making inventory of items like hand towel and cleaning products are easier when replacement is needed. Wicker baskets provide a great storage place for small items like coffee, dog treats and cutting boards. transFORM designed a variety of shelf depths for this pantry to accommodate an assortment of items and create an engaging appearance. Shallow and tapered shelves allow boxed goods and sparkling wines to be neatly placed and visible on the top shelves.


The staging and display area creates a convenient place to serve small food items, stage snacks and flip through recipe books. Tins and jars are easier to locate and arrange with this pantry’s seamless sliding pull-out organizers. The deep vertical storage trays organize canned goods and provide simple reach-in access to a large collection of spices. Ideally designed to increase storage, this pantry makes planning and preparing meals quick and easy to accommodate your busy lifestyle.


This deluxe pantry from transFORM is just an example of the custom designs we produce at transFORM everyday. If you have a smaller or larger space, transFORM will create a unique design customized to your home and your lifestyle.