Trends | Summer 2017 Report

New summer interior design trends have been popping up vastly and quickly ever since the season started.  Families are looking for fresh ways to keep their home feeling light and bright in preparation for summer guests.  To help, we have gathered a few of the most eye-catching trends to keep you in the loop for Summer 2017.

1) Benches:  A simple, innovative solution for indoor and outdoor seating is benches.  Benches placed in corners and along walls free up floor space, standing areas, and dance floors from an overabundance of chairs.  With summer being the season of barbeques and entertaining family and friends, benches are a great way to maximize tight spaces.  When planning a layout for renovation, many forget how much room utilizing corners can offer; instead of opting to fill the open areas of a room.  Benches enhance a space by making it more functional and fashionable.


2) Pop Of Color: It is intimidating committing to a bold color when designing a room, but in reality, all you need is a small splash of a bold shade to make the whole room pop.  Some fun colors to focus on in Summer 2017 are orange and blue.  Incorporate them wherever you want to draw one’s interest whether that be a rug, some throw pillows, a light fixture, or a piece of furniture. You can’t go wrong.


3) Pantries: Nothing is more pleasing than walking into an extremely well-organized pantry, especially when having to cater to guests.  Being prepared and tidy, in the summer makes it so much easier to prepare meals and allows the kids to find their snacks in a snap.  If you don’t have enough space in your home for a full pantry, not to worry. Installing some floating shelves in your kitchen will create a similar outcome.   


4) Multifunctional Rooms: Making the most out of a limited space is a must if you have tight living quarters.  To get the most out of a room, it must serve several purposes.  One of our favorite trends is the addition of a wall bed.  This instantly makes just about any room guest-friendly and frees up floor space for other uses.  Another option is to add built-in cabinets to create the additional storage you are lacking.  With a little adaptation, you can obtain everything you want from the space you are working with.  

multifunctional rooms .jpg