TRENDS | Last-Minute Holiday Decor & More

Running a bit late on holiday decor or just looking for some extra special touches? Check out our last minute list, which was designed to easily transFORM your home into a festive wonderland... they'll be sure to trick your guests into thinking you've had it together all season long. Happy Decorating!

Bring The Wow With Non-Traditional Color: From red and green to blue and white, these strong, bold hues have become synonymous with the well-known winter holidays, and while they may bring a sense of coziness and comfort, they can also enhance an intense, emotional reaction. Not to mention, they might not match with your home’s everyday color scheme... This year, try mixing sheeny statement metallic's with more pared-down pieces for a look that’s not too over the top.  This style of decorating will still appear traditional but with a twist of modernity. Just keep in mind that the colors you choose should mesh well together and create harmony for the eyes.  


Get Personal With Paper: In this digital age, many think that paper has made it’s way to the trash bin. However, we’d have to disagree with that notion, especially during the holiday season. While we’re all about the glitz and graphics, let's be real - you can’t wrap your gifts with an online app and plus, who wouldn’t love the personal touch that comes along with a perfectly wrapped present? From plain kraft paper and greenery, to snowflakes and bright bows, the options are limitless! To distinguish whose gift is who’s, try innovative tags like calligraphy card stock, wood cut-outs or reusable chalkboards.

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Use Faux Flowers as Fillers: When it comes to using faux plants, quality is key. Yes, they can be a little price but with all the holidays sales and end-of-the-year coupons, you can find exactly what you need at an unbeatable price. Plus, you'll be surprised how much use you can get out of these beautiful bunches. Artificial flowers make perfect centerpieces, room accents, tree ornaments, table decor and more. You don't have to limit yourself to just flowers. Instead, go outside the box and incorporate other nature-inspired objects like pine cones, branches and wood materials. 

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Prop With Plush Throws: Layer on the holiday's with a festive, plush throw. Adding a throw to a room can give it a completely different look. A light colored throw will tie the bolder colors of the room together while a brightly-colored throw will add a wow factor. Regardless of the shade, this style maker will add texture, interest and casualness to your home. Not only are they lightweight and practical, they make fabulous housewarming gifts too!