Trendspotting: The Return of Brass

When it comes to home design, hardware is an important, but often overlooked element. The style and finish of a handle, knob, or hook may seem insignificant, but it can affect the overall look of a piece. In addition, the worlds of fashion and home design are intertwined. Often a runway trend today becomes a home design trend tomorrow.

Many of the Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear collections included elements of brass and bronze. Designers like Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen have created handbags with brass hardware, and more designers are following suit. For the past few years most of our customers selected chrome finishes for their hardware, but recently I have noticed a subtle shift to brass.

It’s interesting to see the resurgence of brass. This finish has a traditional appeal and is a great contrast to the contemporary feel of polished chrome in seasons past.