Wall Hanging or Floor Based Closet?

Most spaces are under-equipped with one hang bar and one shelf on top that is hard to reach and use. Your lifestyle requires you to dress up for work and social events and dress down for the gym and school activities. Garments need to be organized and easily accessible so that you are able to smoothly meet the demands of your busy schedule.We are often asked which is better; the floor based or wall hanging closet system? There are advantages and disadvantages for each system. The wall hanging closet system is suspended above the floor using a hanging rail mounted to the back of the wall. Vertical panels have brackets that clip onto the rail leaving the bottom of the unit 6”- 8” above the floor. The advantage of the suspended system is that it allows the existing base molding to remain and shoes and sneakers can be stored along the floor. The disadvantage of this system is that the unit is limited to a maximum 16” depth, does not allow backing, and has a contemporary look.

Wall Hanging


The floor based unit rests on the floor and allows for deeper shelves and drawers and the ability to place doors in front of hanging clothes. From a style perspective, the floor-based unit can look contemporary, transitional, or traditional because of the ability to add different style crown and base moldings. In addition, backing can be added for a more finished look. A disadvantage to the system is that existing base molding must be removed in order to maximize the overall dimension of the unit. In addition, it requires greater installation expertise because floors can be uneven and may require additional trim pieces.

Floor Based

mens reach in closet sliding doors


In conclusion, we find that they are both great storage solutions for reach-in and walk-in closets.

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