Did Your New Years Resolutions Stick?

We’re probably at the time of year where most New Years resolutions have been left by the wayside. The silver lining is that what is left of our resolutions are the quality commitments we can stick to in order to better ourselves. After asking around transFORM, we came up with a few resolutions that we are sticking by through thick and thin in this New Year.


1. To be more awesome than last year. Take real pride in what you’re doing and make it count. It’s more of a resolution to have a certain mindset than to regularly accomplish a specific task. Staying focused on moving forward and always finding ways to improve are fun and achievable goals.

2. To be more tolerant of life’s curveballs. Things seldom go as planned, and we’re okay with it. Every change in your life is an opportunity for you to change as well, and to grow. It’s not losing the plans you had, but an exciting chance to shake up the routine.


3. To be more health conscious. Sticking to strict exercise and diet plans is not the goal here. It’s to have the best quality and quantity of life. Live long and live happy. Walks in beautiful public parks and gardens, for example, are good for the heart and the soul. Balance is key.

4. To work smarter and more efficiently. Organize, systematize and create schedules. Try to cut down on multiple trips out with shopping lists and by running your errands together instead of on individual trips. Every minute is an opportunity to do something great. Trim the unnecessary busy time to make room for activities you find fulfilling.

5. To donate all of the unused items in my home to charities. It’s a win - win. Make space for your new favorite things you’ll get this year by passing on the older ones to those in need. As a cabinetry company, storage and organization are important to us, and as a local company, helping our community is something we’re passionate about.