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Meet Sam, a suburban girl who majored in marketing, minored in journalism, and has a concentration in being nothing but fearless.

Sam established her name by writing for a variety of magazine/lifestyle brands; and, thanks to her script abilities, she's managed to successfully venture from the virtual world into the real world.

A socialite in her own right, Sam finds herself attending and covering some of the hottest events in the New York Metropolitan Area. In fact, many refer to her as the real life Carrie Bradshaw ... 

Ok, we’re joking, no one actually calls her that, but she does have a fabulous group of friends and now, an epic walk-in closet.



Issue #1 : Clothes Minded
Sam's beloved handbags and accessories were hidden behind overcrowded racks of clothes. It was impossible to mix and match stylish outfits.
 Issue #2 : Quick Fix Fail 
Dividers, storage boxes and bins were helpful in organizing her closet. However, these quick fixes took up a lot of space and created more clutter. 
Issue #3 : Sole Mates
Heels, flats, sneakers and boots were piling up all around the house. Her most prized pairs were desperate for a savy storage solution. 

She Desired A Boutique and Bespoke Style Dressing Room.

In order to be authentic in her weekly colum reviews, Sam needed to sample a ton of different products. As you can imagine, with an influx of inventory, came the urgency for an efficient storage space.

Secondly, Sam is very dedicated to keeping up with her personal website and blog. As a go-to source for chic style tips, it was a given that her closet needed to be nothing less than Instagram worthy.

Lastly, the industry doesn’t refer to it as “setting the scene” for nothing. If you’re playing the part of esteemed columnist, then your appearance must reflect your style. This is especially true in Westchester County, NY, where one cannot bear to walk out of their house in a less-than perfect outfit.

Sam remembered that she had recently met the Co-Founder of transFORM Home at the New York Design Center's building-wide event, What's New, What's Next. She gave them a call. The rest is history. 

From day one, Sam worked closely with her designer to create a room that could transport her to a private oasis, where shoes are displayed in neat shelves, perfectly spaced coats hang on illuminated rods, and plush seating provides a respite from browsing.

The final result was that, and so much more. 



a Closer Look At This Projects Iconic Features 
Featured in a White Maple Wood and Polished Brass Hardware, this dressing room delivers tons of functional and accessible storage space.
Slanted shoe shelves offer plenty of room to organize your favorite footwear, while a mirrored vanity provides a designated spot to get ready.
This traditional hutch with mirror backing can be personalized with photos and home decor. It can also be used to store your exclusive handbags.
Pull-out pant racks keep slacks looking freshly pressed and makes it easy to find your favorite pair. They also offers more flexibility & conserve space.
An LED lighting system makes the contents of your dressing room fully visible in the early mornings and in the evenings when the area is most used.
Center island with overhanging marble countertop can be a place to relax with extra drawer storage including a felt lined double jewelry drawer. 


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