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tailored-to-fit-your-lifestyle-meet-shari.jpgThis is Shari,  a self driven entrepreneur, earning a full-time living, as a part-time freelance blogger. Thanks to her creative brain (and caffeinated drinks), she manages to maintain a healthy balance between work and a social life. Impressive, right?!

Born and raised in New York, Shari grew up with great values, work ethic, and a love for the city. Yet, her passion for writing and all things trending, spread way beyond the five boroughs of NYC.

Shari’s blog was established as a means to keep up with her own interests in pop culture, but with time and effort, it evolved into something much more elaborate and meaningful. Her site is now a discovery channel for young artists, emerging talent, and musical direction.

Earlier this year, Shari purchased a chic Midtown apartment, just two blocks from Times Square. She fell in love with the areas originality. The scents, the sounds, the sights. 

Every element was inspiring - even the apartment’s lack of functionality.


Issue #1 : Always On Display
With very little storage, there were paper piles, file folders and bound books everywhere - her ugly metal filing cabinet was nothing but an eyesore.
 Issue #2 : Cable Clutter
 Cables and wires crisscrossed the floor, cluttered her workstation and formed an unsightly trap for unwanted dust bunnies. Gross!
Issue #3 : Lack Of Lighting
 Shari experienced the dark side of poor lighting - eye strain, headaches, low mood, poor concentration, and job dissatisfaction. 

Unlike the typical scenario, space was not an issue.

Unlike the typical scenario, space was not an issue. With over 12oo sq.ft. and a spare bedroom, Shari decided to put her priorities in check. She desperately needed a designated workspace. One that allowed her to focus on her blog, free from distractions, with enough space to accommodate all of her office supplies.

Driven by technology, Shari turned to a variety of online interior design platforms to find a professional in her area. These outlets gave her more insight on today’s ever-growing custom design industry, with posts and videos regarding the latest trends, opinions, thoughts and real experiences through the customer reviews feature. “From start to beautiful finish, my experience with transFORM, our amazing designer, and their excellent team of installers, I say kudos and thank you! Great design and superlative follow throughout made this a uniquely positive experience.” This testimony was enough to convince Shari, so she dialed 914-500-1000 and within five minutes she had a free in-home design consultation scheduled with transFORM.

Her designer was friendly, courteous and passionate about taking her spare bedroom and turning it into something special and unique. The possibilities were endless.

“When you work from home, it’s extremely important to stay focused and inspired.  To keep the motivation meter high, my designer created a multi-purpose space in hopes of separating my personal life from my professional one. Every single element works together to create the perfect vibe. I am now able to stay as conducive to productivity as possible, without feeling too severe.” - Shari




a Closer Look At This Projects Iconic Features 
This multifunctional unit features a mix of Charcoal High Gloss, Maple and Vanilla Melamine materials.
Sleek and functional brushed nickel handles are accented with leather for added color & style.
Open and closed shelving keeps items like books, binders and home decor upright and out of the way.
A custom wire management system, conceals and corrals unsightly electrical cords, wires and cables. 
Interior and under cabinet LED lighting provides greater visibility while boosting your productivity.
Side-to-side file drawers fit letter and legal folders while full extension glides make things easy to grab.


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