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A part-time yoga instructor and a full-time teacher, Kay represents our favorite type of millennial. She’s cautious, charitable and information hungry.

After completing a series of tests, Kay has finally earned herself a spot as lead teacher in a Kindergarten class at Brooklyn Garden Elementary School.

To cut down her commute from Fairfield, Connecticut, she recently purchased her first apartment in the hotter-than-hot neighborhood of Crown Heights. An avid rollerblader and lover of the outdoors, Kay couldn’t resist the tree-lined streets, beautifully built brownstones and the ever growing community.

Her only real struggle was the lack of living and storage space.

With a 10 minute commute, Kay expected to have an easy, breezy morning routine and unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Instead, she found herself frantically searching for articles of clothing and matching accessories, every.single.morning.

Issue #1 : A Dressing Disaster
Overstuffed hanging rods and clusters of clothing on the floor made it impossible to mix and match the perfect ensemble, especially in the mornings.
 Issue #2 : Pressed To Impress
Lets face it, people notice a wrinkly wardrobe. It's not a cute look but it was better than having to pull out that hard-to-reach, heavy ironing board.
Issue #3 : Desperate To Divide
There was no division between the parts of Kay's apartment devoted to sleeping and living. She was in desperate need of a little separation.

After five consecutive days of being late, Kay decided to conquer her clutter once and for all.

Her square footage was at a minimum, but the potential was immeasurable.

So, she jumped online and started researching “small space solutions”. Instantly, she came across transFORM... Kay was not only intrigued by the products, but also the process.

Within seconds, a live chat popped up on her screen. Danielle was there to give quick answers to questions and provide Kay with the assurance she needed to book a complimentary consultation. It was clear that transFORM valued respect, communication and most importantly, her time.

That following Saturday, a tF designer met Kay in the comfort of her own home.

“My final design is simple, clean, a masterpiece. It’s more than just a unique and space-saving convertible feature in my home. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to forgive myself for being late and to start fresh in the mornings. An opportunity to grow while still holding on to all the things I love.” - Kay



a Closer Look At This Projects Iconic Features 
This multifunctional unit was made with White High Gloss, Latte and Light Driftwood finishes.
Converting the wall bed is a stress-free operation that requires just a few seconds and little effort.
Our piston-driven lift mechanism is used for improved safety and functionality at all times.
Vertical wall beds are designed for narrow walls and provide access to cabinetry on both sides.
Drawer mounted ironing board slides out when needed and easily folds up when not in use.
Front-to-back, pull-out hanging rods provide ample hanging space in shallow cabinets.


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